Dems Diagnosed

Pelosi’s visit to Syria convinced its dictator he can now jail human rights activists with impunity.

Here’s Gulf News last month (my ellipsis):

(April 4). The visit to the Middle East by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ruffled a few feathers in the White House because it included a meeting with Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.

That Bashar is seen as a nemesis by the Bush administration seems not to have deterred Pelosi in the least. In fact, quite the reverse.

For, following her Democrat principles, she believes it advantageous to talk to people with differing views to find ground for agreement instead of confrontation.

“Nemesis” is not the term I’d use – “murderous bastard” fits better.

Anyway, Pelosi empowered the nemesis (my ellipsis):

(May 11): A human rights activist was sentenced to 12 years in prison yesterday for meeting with Bush administration officials at the White House during a 2005 visit to Washington.

Kamal Labwani, a Syrian physician and democracy advocate, was convicted of “contacting a foreign country, passing on messages and encouraging attack against Syria,” according to local reports…

Dr. Labwani, 50, is the second prominent Syrian reformer to draw a prison sentence in recent weeks.

Anwar al-Bunni, a human rights lawyer who had spoken out about torture in Syrian prisons, received a five-year sentence on April 24 on charges of spreading false news that could weaken national morale and of contacting a foreign country.

This illustrates the design defect of collectivists like the Dems – freedom and people don’t matter to them.


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