May 14, 2007

Readers will be aware of the DDT scandal – the enviros who banned it used junk science and have killed millions of Africans. But now their action is literally biting them where it hurts.

The National Pest Control Association reports that exterminators who were getting one or two bedbug calls a year are now getting that many in a week — roughly 50 times the number of calls…

Experts say the resurgence in bedbugs can be attributed in part to the use of less powerful pesticides since DDT was banned in the 1960s.

The Wikipedia entry is polluted by enviro-apologists, who do not write as scientists – for example (my emphasis):

One preliminary study regarding the effect of DDT found that it is likely the detriment to human health approaches or exceeds the beneficial reductions in malarial case…

There’s a more reliable summary of the science here, and a link estimates that banning DDT has killed over 90 million people, 95% of whom were pregnant women and children.

If the number is even a fraction of this, it’s one of the great genocides of the 20th Century, putting these enviros in the same league as Pol Pot, Hitler, and Stalin.

I hope the bastards get bedbugs.


The BBC and Islamic Terror

May 14, 2007

Life is too short to waste it critiquing the lefties at the BBC. Still, it’s worth noting that at a time when Brits face 4,000 Islamic Jihadis, the BBC has taken a swipe at a pernicious religion – Scientology.

The swipe:

The editor of the BBC’s Panorama programme has defended a documentary on the Church of Scientology in which a reporter shouts at one of its members.

Reporter John Sweeney lost his temper during the filming and shouted at Scientology representative Tommy Davis.

Now just rerun the above, replacing “Scientology” with “Islam”.

Right, it will never happen – here’s how the BBC today reports the Mullahs’ kidnapping of an American citizen (my emphasis):

Iran’s foreign ministry has confirmed that the government has detained a leading Iranian-American academic…

Ms Esfandiari, one of Washington’s best known Iran experts, was visiting Tehran to see her 93-year-old mother…

Iran does not recognise dual nationalities…

Iranian authorities appear to be particularly suspicious of attempts by the Bush administration to promote democratic change in Iran, says the BBC’s Middle East analyst, Roger Hardy.

So it’s all the fault of the Evil Bush.

Incidentally, the BBC has for the past 3 years been sending mendacious demands for money to our London flat, threatening to raid it. When they do, we’ll post their reception on YouTube (Snuff Category).