The BBC and Islamic Terror

Life is too short to waste it critiquing the lefties at the BBC. Still, it’s worth noting that at a time when Brits face 4,000 Islamic Jihadis, the BBC has taken a swipe at a pernicious religion – Scientology.

The swipe:

The editor of the BBC’s Panorama programme has defended a documentary on the Church of Scientology in which a reporter shouts at one of its members.

Reporter John Sweeney lost his temper during the filming and shouted at Scientology representative Tommy Davis.

Now just rerun the above, replacing “Scientology” with “Islam”.

Right, it will never happen – here’s how the BBC today reports the Mullahs’ kidnapping of an American citizen (my emphasis):

Iran’s foreign ministry has confirmed that the government has detained a leading Iranian-American academic…

Ms Esfandiari, one of Washington’s best known Iran experts, was visiting Tehran to see her 93-year-old mother…

Iran does not recognise dual nationalities…

Iranian authorities appear to be particularly suspicious of attempts by the Bush administration to promote democratic change in Iran, says the BBC’s Middle East analyst, Roger Hardy.

So it’s all the fault of the Evil Bush.

Incidentally, the BBC has for the past 3 years been sending mendacious demands for money to our London flat, threatening to raid it. When they do, we’ll post their reception on YouTube (Snuff Category).


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