Spain On The Brink

One of the divides separating Europe and the US is antisemitism. Europe has legions of antisemites while the US does not. And the most antisemitic nation in a recent poll was Spain, which seems on the edge of reverting to Islamic rule.

Here’s the poll:

A survey of five European countries revealed that a plurality of Europeans believe Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their country and that they have too much power in business and finance.

The pollsters asked the respondents if they thought the following antisemitic statements were probably true, starting with Hitler’s:

Jews have too much power in the business world.
Jews have too much power in international financial markets.

Then the Mullahs’:

Jews are more loyal to Israel than to this country.
Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust.

If these statements have some degree of truth, we’d expect the more Jews in a nation, the more common the antisemitism.

To test this, the table below shows, by nation, the number of people who agreed with at least three of these assertions, and the current Jewish population:

EU Nation Percent Antisemites Number of Jewish Citizens
France 22% 491,500
Germany 20% 118,000
Italy 32% 28,600
Spain 47% 12,000
Poland 45% 3,200

A shameful result for each nation, but particularly for Poland and Spain.

There are so few Jews left in Poland that it’s impossible Polish views are based on personal knowledge, so that nation is strongly antisemitic. That would perhaps be because Hitler located all of his extermination camps in Poland, and many Poles participated in the Holocaust.

But Spain is a real shocker. It has so few Jews that the opinions of its people must be based on prejudice, and it’s the most antisemitic nation of those surveyed.

So what’s going on?

Spain expelled all of its Jewish citizens in 1492. But plenty of other nations did the same at one time or another – including the Brits – so that can’t be the reason.

Instead, this looks like the result of the progressive reversion of Spain to Islam. Here’s Oriana Fallaci (p80, Rizzoli hardcover, my ellipsis):

…from Barcelona to Madrid…from Alicante to Jerez la Frontera, you will find the best-trained terrorists in the continent…

And from Malaga to Gibraltar, from Cadiz to Seville, from Cordoba to Granada, the Moroccan nabobs and the Saudi royals and the Gulf State emirs have bought the finest lands in the region.

Here they…reward with six thousand dollars all converts who give birth to a male child. With a thousand dollars, girls and little girls who wear the hijab.

All is not lost – 53% of Spaniards are not antisemitic – but the prospects for Spain remaining a Christian democracy don’t look good.


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