Terror’s Bankers (2)

The board of directors of this outfit had two wishes granted today – the Palestinians took their advice on borders, and their ad hoc committee executed step 2 in the sandbagging of Wolfowitz.

The board will be happy it’s advice has been so quickly followed with this opening of access between Palestinian areas:

Hamas gunmen on Tuesday ambushed rival Fatah forces near a key crossing along the Israeli border, killing eight people in the deadliest battle yet in three days of factional fighting. The incident briefly drew Israeli gunfire, threatening to drag Israel into the conflict.

And the board’s ad hoc committee published a libelous report on Wolfowitz – you can see it here.

I would not advise him to settle – they’ll smear him for the rest of his life.

Instead, he should sit tight and dare them to fire him. Then, if they blink, he’s free to flush out the most corrupt employees and the board can’t interfere.

If they do fire him, he should sue for defamation, wrongful dismissal, and – if he’s creative – hate crimes. That’s because he’s Jewish and his girlfriend is a Muslim female.

Anyway, as a good example of international corruption, here’s the composition of the ad hoc committee that sat in judgment on an American.

Director From Corruption Score
Aass Norway 8.8
Duquesne France 7.4
Familiar Mexico 3.3
Kvasov Russia 2.5
Wijffels Netherlands 8.7
Ketsela Ethiopia 2.4
Zou China 3.3

This averages 5.2 – same as Hungary.

But allowing for the Mandelson effect (the Dutch guy looks to me to be a crook, the French guy is clearly French, and you have to worry about a Mr. Aass), plus the Despotism Effect, and assuming no Corrupt Leadership bias, since Wolfowitz is the leader, we get a corruption score 3.2.

That makes Terror’s Bankers ad hoc committee a tad more corrupt than Mexico.


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