Iran: Another Israeli Option

The cleanest way of taking out the three big Iranian nuke facilities is ballistic missiles tipped with kinetic warheads. The US has developed these, so if – as is probable – the president is hamstrung by the Dems, he might help the Israelis deploy this capability.

A kinetic warhead uses energy to penetrate its target and an HE charge to destroy the interior. It’s easy to deliver, has no problems of violating airspace, risks no pilots, and kills only the enemy personnel working in the target area.

To deploy them the Israelis need 3 capabilities:

  1. A ballistic missile with a range of 2,000 km.
  2. A 3 ton kinetic warhead.
  3. And an accuracy (Circular Error Probability, CEP) of about 10 meters.

The Israelis have the missile:

May 9, 2007: The long rumored Israeli Jericho 3 ballistic missile is apparently in production….

With a range of nearly 5,000 kilometers, the Jericho 3 can drop a nuke anywhere in the Middle East (and) is probably a 30 ton, solid fuel, three stage missile, with a half ton payload.

Their warhead is too light, but reducing the range to 2,000 km needed will allow a much bigger warhead.

But the CEP is probably over 100 meters (all that’s needed for thermonuclear warheads), so the Jericho 3 needs better guidance – either inertial and/or GPS.

The US has been this, but Congress recently cut off the funding for the kinetic part. It’s a small project so may be proceeding as a black program, like the original B-2.

So the administration should arrange for a covert transfer to the Israelis of the funding, technology, and components required to get the job done.

That way, the Mullahs’ nukes can be eliminated with minimal loss of life.


4 Responses to Iran: Another Israeli Option

  1. stevereenie says:

    What about the deep underground and hardend sites? . . . . . . Next Stop Lauderdale

  2. gandalf says:


    Only one of the three sites is hardened – that’s the centrifuge farm at Natanz.

    According to the report I linked to, Natanz has two halls, each about 30,000 square meters, buried 8 to 23 meters underground under several layers of concrete.

    One BLU-113 bunker buster would easily penetrate 8 meters, and two sequenced BLU-113s would go through 23 meters.

    The Mullahs will have this data, so they’re no doubt adding extra layers!

    But then the Israelis can soup up the BLU-113s…

  3. Bill K. says:

    Regardless of how the Iranian nuclear facilities are taken out or by whom, the job is not complete until the Iranian Islamic theocracy is eradicated. If just the nuclear plants were bombed the mullahs would still be around to instigate all manner of mayhem.

    I think it hardly needs repeating here that the United States and Israel have every right and an obligation to their citizens to end the menance that Iran poses to them as expeditiously as possible.

  4. gandalf says:

    Bill K

    Right. The regime has to be decapitated.

    I think destroying their nuclear capability will greatly weaken them internally, and the Iranian people may do the job.

    If they don’t, we must.

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