Amnesty Must Not Pass

The proposal to grant amnesty to millions of mass law breakers will – if implemented – profoundly damage the United States. Let us count the ways.

The plan, which was still being finalized, allows the estimated 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens in the United States to come forward and receive probationary status. Meanwhile, the government would continue to build fencing and vehicle barriers on the Mexico border, hire more immigration officers and institute better checks on employers.

Once the security improvements are complete, aliens on probation could apply for a proposed Z visa, putting them on the path to citizenship. They would have to return home at some point to apply for the intermediate step of obtaining a green card.

The plan would create a temporary worker system. Foreigners would be able to work two years before returning home for a year, for up to three cycles. The plan would create an immigration point system based on education, work skills and English proficiency, alongside a redesigned family reunification system.

It Will Destroy Social Capital

Social capital is Trust – it’s what helps us obey the law even when there’s no cop around. It’s essential to a modern economy – employees, employers, inventors, investors, bankers etc all have to trust eachother to build a successful company.

Social capital is rooted in reciprocity – we behave well because our fellow citizens do.

But the 12-to-20 million illegal immigrants have broken US law not just on entry, but repeatedly – fraudulently obtaining Social Security numbers and driving licenses, and lying to gain employment and welfare benefits.

To grant them what they seek means that the US ceases to be a nation of laws.

It Will Bring In New Waves of Lawbreakers

Just as, say, creating an amnesty for murderers would encourage more murders.

The proposal won’t deliver tougher border controls. If a Republican Congress was incompetent to control the border, what hope is there that an America-hating Democratic Congress will do so?

If 12-to-20 million have arrived in 15 years in spite of the stigma of illegality, how many will come in the next 15 years faced with the certainty of another amnesty? 40 million? That means in aggregate that in another 15 years, there might be 60 million “legalized” illegals – 20% of the current US population.

It Will Corrupt America

Most immigrants come from Mexico, a nation as corrupt as Saudi Arabia.

That wouldn’t be a problem if they integrated – corruption is a cultural not a personal characteristic.

But they haven’t, and granting them amnesty will leave them despising and despised by law-abiding Americans. So they’ll form ever-larger islands of dysfunctional Mexico inside the US.

Thus, large areas of the South West will become as corrupt as Saudi Arabia and effectively a separate nation.

It Will Provide A Conduit for Terror

The Brits have found the hardest terrorists to catch are sleepers – first, second or third generation immigrants who hide in the community until they’re called upon to act.

The US has (quite properly) introduced draconian new measures to track legal visitors – Brits now have all 10 fingerprints taken.

So rational terrorists will simply enter the US through its unguarded border, become citizens, and strike when the time is ripe.

There is hope:

Even if it were to survive what’s certain to be a searing Senate battle, the measure would be up against long odds in the House.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi , D-Calif., acknowledging deep divisions on immigration among Democrats, says she won’t bring it up unless President Bush can guarantee he will produce 70 Republican backers — a tall order given GOP concerns that the bill is too lenient.

None of which is to deny the many hard working and decent Mexicans their place in the American sun. They just have to get there honestly, like every other immigrant to America.


2 Responses to Amnesty Must Not Pass

  1. stevereenie says:

    I agree with your take here. Do you have a feel for the prospects of this being passed? . . . . . . Next Stop Lauderdale

  2. gandalf says:


    I would be amazed if it passed – it’s toxic for any Republican who wants to be elected.

    And Kennedy as the father of the bill kills it with decent people of all parties.

    Hence the Dems dare not push it through without Republican cover, and they won’t get it.

    Of course, Congress might decide to commit mass suicide…

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