Pots and Kettles, Part Deux

Brit architects have destroyed more Brit communities than the Nazis and IRA put together, so it’s a tad hypocritical of them to claim the Israelis are perpetrating the same horrors on the Palestinians. It’s also quite untrue.

The architects:

Dozens of British architects signed a petition which charges Israel with oppressing the Palestinian people and accuses their Israeli counterparts of being complicit in “unjust action” against the Palestinians…

Referring to the construction of Israeli communities in places where there were previously Palestinian villages, the group writes: “Israeli architects and planners, knowingly or not, have become a part of this situation. Israeli settlements built after the 1967 War, considered illegal under international law, could not have been realized without their help.”

Actually, if occupying territory by conquest really were illegal, then (for example) present-day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Poland and China would all be in the slammer.

But more to the point, take a look at what architects have done to Britain.

Whole neighborhoods of single family housing destroyed and replaced with high-rise horrors that blight the landscape and brutalize their inhabitants! Look at England’s old market towns, their hearts ripped out! Look at the dreadful commercial buildings in the City of London, none of them a patch on the average Minneapolis office block!

Compared with their Brit counterparts, Israeli architects are saints. By building settlements in the West Bank, they stop it descending to the cesspit Gaza has become after the Israeli withdrawal.

And Israel itself is crammed with Palestinian villages, which continue to grow while retaining their traditional (and very elegant) architecture.

So Palestinians can thank the State of Israel, including its architects, for their prosperity, safety and high quality built environment.

And they should reflect that if Brit architects had been in charge in 1967, old Jerusalem – Al-Aqsa mosque and all – would be gone, and a mega-mall would pollute its ancient hills.


5 Responses to Pots and Kettles, Part Deux

  1. stevereenie says:

    Are these the same Brit Architects that signed a petition accusing the Palestinians of incessantly attacking Israel’s innocent people (women and children not buildings)? Oh wait, there wasn’t any such petition……………wonder why? ….. Next Stop Lauderdale

  2. dearieme says:

    One we’ve hanged all the commies and ex-commies, there’s a good case for hanging the architects active in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Things have improved since then. I blame Thatcher.

  3. gandalf says:


    Brit architects have odd values.

    They condemn people who put buildings up, and ignore ones that knock buildings (and people) down.

    No doubt that’s because Brit architect sees a heap of rubble as an opportunity, and a nice new building as a lost commission.

  4. gandalf says:


    I agree things have improved since the beneficent rule of Our Good Lady, but only because of Real Architects of the likes of Quinlan Terry.

    Hanging’s too good for the rest – I’d defenestrate them, one architect per tower block window.

  5. stevereenie says:

    “Brit architects have odd values.”

    Good point, I was thinking more about the point though that the “world” sees the self defense of Israel as an offense against the Palestinians and the aggression of the Palestinians as self defense. sheesh……………….. Next Stop Lauderdale

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