An Inconvenient Factoid

Darwinism is more cult than science – it insists it’s right until proved wrong, whereas scientific theories rest on their ability to predict reality. So the following, being a fact, will be of no interest to Darwinists.

Health warning – this is from Reuters, which is currently busy pillorying the Israelis for defending themselves against those poor Palestinians. So the piece may have been written by the janitor.

Primitive fish already may have possessed the genetic wiring needed to grow hands and feet well before the appearance of the first animals with limbs roughly 365 million years ago, scientists said on Wednesday…

They studied one of the most primitive types of fish on Earth — the long-snouted paddlefish Polyodon spathula — and found the fish that predated the first land vertebrates may have possessed genetic underpinnings for limb development.

“What we found is that aspects of the genetic program and the patterns of gene activity that serve to make hands and feet are actually found in the fins of fish — not just any fish but in primitive living fish,” Shubin added…

“So it seems like you had the genetic tool kit (for limbs) for a long period of time,” Shubin said. “And then, when the new ecosystems appear at around the time of Tiktaalik and slightly before, that’s when forms started to use that to make true fingers and toes and stuff like that.”

This is what you’d expect if life on earth started from DNA containing a big library of macros feeding an adaptive engine. And it’s consistent with the existence of organic components that are very unlikely to have evolved, since they show specified complexity.

It also lends credence to Hoyle and Wickramasinghe‘s suggestion that life on earth originated from contamination by interplanetary clouds of DNA.

After all, we’ll be able to design adaptive life forms quite soon, and might decide to use them to terraform our galactic neighborhood.

Of course this tells us nothing of how life originated in the Universe, as opposed to the Earth, and Godel’s Theorem suggests that will remain a mystery.


2 Responses to An Inconvenient Factoid

  1. stevereenie says:

    “Of course this tells us nothing of how life originated in the Universe, as opposed to the Earth”

    Seems were edging to the Prime Cause thesis………. Next Stop Lauderdale

  2. gandalf says:


    Probably, although the story may be more complicated!

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