AFP – a French combination of AP and Reuters – reports.

Syrian President Bashar Assad won a referendum on extending his presidency for second term, garnering 97.62 percent of votes.

At a press conference, Interior Minister Bassam Abdel-Majid said 95.86 percent of eligible voters – 11.19 million – took part in the vote. Only 1.71 percent voted against renewing Assad’s presidency for another term.

The minister said 253,000 votes were invalidated.

“The wide consensus showcases Syria’s political maturity and our multi-party politics,” the minister added.

No doubt the AFP photographers are now busy photoshopping out what happened to that pesky 1.71%.


2 Responses to Parfait!

  1. stevereenie says:

    It is amazaing, why should we even think they are in need of Democracy. They have a more robust electorate than us. I wonder if Jimmy Carter was there to supervise the vote? ……….. Next Stop Lauderdale

  2. gandalf says:



    And, oddly, the French regard Syria as their protectorate. Can’t imagine why…

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