Send C-RAMs To Israel!

The Brit Army is – at last – deploying counter rocket and mortar defenses to protect its forces in Iraq. The US should immediately help the Israeli government do the same to protect its long-suffering citizens.

Here’s EU Referendum:

According to Jane’s Weekly (subscription only), the UK is to deploy a US-sourced counter-rocket, artillery and mortar (C-RAM) system to protect UK forces in southern Iraq. This was announced by the magazine on 25 May, after the news had been “leaked” by a senior RAF officer at a defence conference in London.

From Jane’s…we understand that the equipment is to be installed in Basra by the end of the month and, to meet the ambitious timetable, the C-RAM installations have been leased from the US, pending conversion of former Royal Naval equipment for more permanent installation.

The C-RAM is deployed around the Green Zone in Baghdad, and is about 90% effective (Tony Blair recently encountered some of the other 10%). It’s best deployed along with counter-battery radar and precision artillery to kill the enemy launch crew.

The Brit deployment has taken far too long – the Canadians ripped their C-RAMs off their ships and installed them last year. Meanwhile the useless Royal Navy hung on to its C-RAMs, although its propensity to surrender makes them of zero value to its ships.

Meanwhile, the Israelis have unaccountably not deployed C-RAMs to protect their towns against Palestinian Kassam missiles. There’s no excuse for this – even if the Kassam is a hard target, they should be able to take down 50% of incoming missiles. Especially since the regularity of the IDF kills of launch crews suggests it has enough drone coverage to spot launches and prep the C-RAMs.

We must hope the Israeli problem is NIH, not a covert US arms embargo.

Of course the president would never countenance an embargo, but it’s just the sort of trick the scoundrels at State would pull to force the Israelis to trade even more land for even less peace.


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