Turkeys, Christmas

Commie Brits seek early demise.

A day after the British Union of Colleges and Universities (UCU) voted to consider imposing a boycott on Israeli academics, UNISON, the largest labor union in Britain, threatened to impose a boycott of their own on Israeli products.

Their boycott would have include all sorts of useful things, including search engines, and PCs and Macs (Pentium family, Israeli designed). And these:

May 30, 2007: Singapore has joined Israel, Britain and the United States as a major user of the Hermes 450 UAV.

Last year, Britain adopted two new models of UAV, the Watchkeeper 180 and the Watchkeeper 450. Both UAVs are based on Israeli designs (the Hermes 180 and 450).

The two Watchkeepers were supposed to be ready for service in 2005, but various problems delayed that, and now these aircraft are not expected to enter service until 2010.

Commies may think they can survive without UAVs, but they know they can’t produce their propaganda without PCs (or, as they term them, PC’s).


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