Warming Wisdom

Here’s a very rational analysis of the threat of global warmening.

The head of NASA (my ellipsis):

“I have no doubt…that a trend of global warming exists,” NASA administrator Michale Griffin told National Public Radio…

“I am not sure that it is fair to say that it is a problem we must wrestle with.”

“To assume that it is a problem is to assume that the state of Earth’s climate today is the optimal climate, the best climate that we could have or ever have had and that we need to take steps to make sure that it doesn’t change,” Griffin said.

“First of all, I don’t think it’s within the power of human beings to assure that the climate does not change, as millions of years of history have shown,” he continued.

“And second of all, I guess I would ask which human beings — where and when — are to be accorded the privilege of deciding that this particular climate that we have right here today, right now is the best climate for all other human beings. I think that’s a rather arrogant position for people to take.”

Good man.


3 Responses to Warming Wisdom

  1. stevereenie says:

    I think climate change is a continuous oscillation since the beginning of time. Just because we take a snapshot at this moment doesn’t make this the optimal situation. I like the current range of climate, but if it is still moving away from the last ice age I don’t know what bashing the industrial countries is going to do to change that. I think the motives are basically from the anti-capitalists which is increasingly becoming the Democratic party here in the US. ……… Next Stop Lauderdale

  2. meitham says:

    True. But think of all the poor countries that their people are suffering warming already. Iraq for example, it has a 9 months of a very hot summer that some people just can’t work properly. Europe will be warmer and it will be a nice place to live in, better than its current state (a bit cold), but how many people in the hot countries will die?
    As history tells us climate has changed, Science is telling us the reasons the climate is changing, and this time it is because we are taking wrong steps in using energy. The climate is changing because we are getting closer to the sun, neither because the sun has changed. The climate is changing because of what we are doing. And yes, today’s climate is optimal compared with Ice Age.


  3. gandalf says:


    But Iraq has been hot for thousands of years!

    And all Science tells us is the world has probably warmed 1 degree F in the last 100 years.

    What we have is a bunch of models (that can’t forecast the weather 2 days out) that say this is due to CO2, an insignificant greenhouse gas.

    Plus the world’s ex-Marxists who want to leverage that to make the US poor.

    If you run the models on the actual data, and look at 32 of their predcitions, 27 are wrong, 1 is correct, and the remaining 4 are maybes. See:

    Not a sound basis on which to ration air travel and electricity and condemn the world’s poor to stay that way!

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