Busting Russia

If Russia starts a nuclear war, it will promptly cease to exist as a nation. So it will talk the talk the talk but not walk the walk. Still, just to be safe, the West should accelerate Russia’s demise.

Russia is weak, here’s why.

Over Centralization

Centralized states – France for example – are much easier to destroy with nukes than decentralized ones such as the US and Germany. If all the managers, infrastructure, and control systems are in one place, zapping that place shuts the nation down.

Russia is – and always has been – run from Moscow – there are few paved roads 100 miles from its center.

Economic Fragility

Until the oil price rocketed, Russia was an economic basket case with an economy about the size of Portugal’s. Now it’s about as big as France, but:

With oil prices at nearly $70 a barrel, Vladimir Putin, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez seem invincible as they rally anti-American feeling.

But if we find alternate energy sources, or reduce slightly our oil hunger, we can defang all three rather quickly. None of their countries have a middle class or a culture of entrepreneurship to discover and disseminate new knowledge.

Self Destruction

Russian men drink themselves to death – their life expectancy is 54 years, and their women abort more babies than they bear.

Putin is following this plot by threatening to nuke Europe. So now it’s unlikely European boards of directors will agree to spend shareholders cash in a nation that threatens to kill them.

Military Weakness

Putin has boasted his new missiles will to penetrate US defenses and mass-kill Americans. But they’re land based (its subs don’t work), and there are lots of ways to kill land-based weapons.

Now the US is warned, it will set about deploying first strike weapons to eliminate this threat.

In spite of which, Russia will get some missiles off. But based on the performance of Russian hardware against modern US-equipped forces (all Israel’s wars, the Gulf War, and Iraqi Freedom), most will fail to fly, those that do fly will miss, and those that don’t miss won’t detonate.

Putin will still kill millions of Americans and Europeans – but he and most Russians will die for that act.

So he’ll probably stick to threats. But just in case, we should look to our offenses, and follow this prescription for hastening the demise of this wretched nation.

And of course we should either throw Russia out of the G8, or accept that it’s been slimed and shut it down.


2 Responses to Busting Russia

  1. stevereenie says:

    “Putin will still kill millions of Americans and Europeans – but he and most Russians will die for that act.”

    Not necessarily so. I doubt that the Democrats (if they are in power) have the stomach for retaliation (not to mention preemption). If we were attacked they would rationalize that Russia has already acted (unfortunately) and for what purpose would it now serve to kill millions of innocent Russians. I have heard this type of discussion from them already. ………… Next Stop Lauderdale

  2. gandalf says:


    Good point – if the Dems control Congress and the Presidency, Russia will probably land a first strike.

    The good news (if you call it that) is that they’ll certainly take out everything inside the Washington Beltway.

    And the US is full of cities the Russians don’t have resources to destroy and that can support a reconstituted (and presumably non-Dem) government.

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