The Silence Of The Doves (1)

Putin seems set on a war, which he’ll lose big time. Still, it would help if the MSM were to call him on his more blatant lies.

The BBC, in line with the rest if the MSM, just gives the guy a bully pulpit:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Moscow is preparing to take retaliatory measures if the US builds missile defence systems in Europe.

“If this doesn’t happen, then we disclaim responsibility for our retaliatory steps, because it is not we who are the initiators of the new arms race which is undoubtedly brewing in Europe,” he said.

But it’s not true that the US is the first to deploy BMD – the Russians have fielded a series, starting in the 1960s. Here’s the latest:

System A-135, currently deployed by the Russians outside Moscow, is an anti-ballistic missile system designed to detect and target incoming ballistic missiles in their final descent, or terminal phase, and destroy them with long- and short-range interceptors…

The long-range Gorgon is designed to intercept its targets just outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Its three liquid-fueled boosters give it a range of approximately 350 kilometers. Each Gorgon initially carried a 1-megaton nuclear warhead. At present, 32 Gorgons are deployed around Moscow in four underground launch sites containing eight interceptors each…

By contrast, the short-range Gazelle is a quick-reaction, high-acceleration weapon designed to intercept its targets inside the Earth’s atmosphere. It has two solid-fueled boosters, giving it a range of approximately 80 kilometers. Each Gazelle was initially armed with a 10-kiloton nuclear warhead…

In early 1998, Russia announced that, in the interest of safety, it had removed the original nuclear warheads from the short-range Gazelle interceptors. Many had warned that a low-altitude nuclear explosion would contaminate a 77-square-mile area, making Moscow virtually unlivable. (Instead) System A-135’s interceptors had been newly equipped with conventional high explosive warheads.

It’s no surprise that Putin is a liar and a cheat – that comes with being Tzar. But it would be nice if, just for once, the Western media would call the little creep.

Because Westerners people deserve to know about this stuff – their lives depend on it.


2 Responses to The Silence Of The Doves (1)

  1. stevereenie says:

    If I were Bush I would tell Putin in public that maybe if he were so willing to arm our enemies such as Iraq with missels, technology, uranium and atomic technology, maybe our hand wouldn’t be forced. I would say to him we consider his military support for Iran is tantamount to an act of war if Iran attacks Israel, US or continue meddling in Iraq. I would make it clear that Russia is the one that has a lot of direct responsibility notwithstanding his phoney disclaimer. Both Russia and China are now trying to eat away at every corner of the U.S.’s security and it could get them burnt.

  2. gandalf says:


    Yes, this situation definitely calls for a Reagan style statement – something like “The US will not tolerate another Evil Empire”.

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