Don’t Pardon Libby

It would be just for the President to pardon Lewis Libby, but it would set a very damaging precedent.

There are excellent reasons for a pardon – Libby leaked nothing that had not been published, the Plame woman was not covert, the prosecutor is a crook and the judge sentenced Libby using evidence never presented to or tested in his court. Libby’s correct response is to appeal.

And if the worst happens and he gets 2 years in jail, so what? Everybody knows this is a political hit, so his reputation will be undamaged, and he can easily get back the money he loses by a book deal.

Whereas if the president pardons him, that sets a precedent for an amnesty for 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants, and that could be the end of the US.

And if the president doesn’t pardon Libby, it’ll be impossible for him to continue arguing for an amnesty for these serial felons.

Libby strikes me as a brave and decent man, so he’ll probably go along with this analysis and take his lumps.

And 2 years in the slammer gives him ample time to figure out how to deal with his persecutors.


4 Responses to Don’t Pardon Libby

  1. But…… if Justice is the least common denominator, then he should pardon Libby and not the illegal aliens. We don’t punish groups but individuals and we don’t pardon groups but will pardon individuals as each case stands on its’ own merits. …. stevereenie

  2. Oops, I should make one correction. We do pardon groups sometimes. It reminds me of the end of the term for Governor Celeste (former Governor of Ohio) who at the twilight hour of his governorship pardoned a group of individuals on “Death Row.” That group was the “women” on death row (of which there was between 11-17 as I recall) but no men. Isn’t that just fine ……………….. stevereenie

  3. Oops, One more clarification. Celeste was the Democratic Governor of Ohio. …… stevereenie

  4. gandalf says:


    Thanks for this.

    I agree pardoning is different from (and rarer) than pardoning individuals.

    But given the intellectual dishonesty of the amnesty-promoters, won’t they argue that they’re handing out 12.2 million (or whatever) individual amnesties?

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