A Tale Of Two Cities

The elites in Washington DC and Brussels now have the same problem – how to pass laws that transform their nations for the worse in the face of massive popular opposition. It’s going to be an interesting game to watch.


The EU elite needs its Constitution so it can replace national governments with an EU foreign policy, embassies, army etc.

But for such a transfer of sovereignty to be legally binding, it has to be ratified by all member states. That’s normally easy, because the EU has undermined national parliaments (my ellipsis and emphasis):

According to a recent parliamentary answer by the German government (our own (Brit) Government refused to provide the equivalent information), 84 per cent of legislation there gives effect to what is ordered by the EU.

But some nations – those that fund rather than feed off the EU – decided such a large change needed voter agreement, and the Dutch and French people voted against it.

The EU works by repetition – if voters reject one of its measures, it bypasses them or insists they vote again. Now they’re looking at the bypass option – Merkel, the German leader recently wrote to the elected leaders of the other EU nations:

How do you assess in that case the proposal made by some Member States to use different terminology without changing the legal substance for example with regard to the title of the treaty, the denomination of EU legal acts and the Union’s Minister for Foreign Affairs?

This is nuts. Europe is littered with the ruins of empires imposed from above – the majority of EU nations still bear the scars of the Nazi empire.

So if it pulls this off, the Brussels elite will share the fate of its many predecessors – dangling from lampposts.

The Amnesty bill is similarly in the doldrums because of pesky voters – here’s the WSJ talking to the bill’s Republican sponsor, senator Jon Kyl:

In Washington, the election season is only going to make things harder going forward: “I see some Republican candidates who might have supported something like this deciding for political reasons that they have to be tough against amnesty,” he admits.

Kyl doesn’t understand that nothing but evil will come from passing a bill with such enormous implications against popular opposition. Here he is again (my ellipsis):

(The WSJ interviewer notes) that Democrats have played things closer to the vest so far, though they would seem to have as many problems with the current bill as Republicans. How big a role are unions and Latino groups playing behind the scenes?

“They are playing a very large role. A lot of Democrats are being very quiet about this,” Sen. Kyl says.

He means the Republicans plan to take the fall for this.

So when large parts of the US become saturated with unassimilated but voting immigrants who take over the local political systems, when US welfare costs and unemployment explode, when the border fence isn’t built, and when another 20 million illegals flood in for the next amnesty, who’ll get the blame?

The Republicans. And that will leave the US in the hands of the Dems, perhaps for a generation.

So it turns out the elites in Washington and Brussels share the same death wish.

For our own sakes and theirs, we must hope they both fail.


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