F****** Tossers

That’s a highly technical Brit Army term that applies to the Brit media, pols, and their Ministry of Defence.

Here’s a snip from Michael Yon’s excellent report on the Queen’s Royal Lancers fighting on the Iraq/Iran border:

…I wondered how the soldiers back in the convoy were doing. After an attack that killed two of their friends, they spent hours in the hot sun cleaning up the wreckage and then hauling it into the night. They had to be exhausted; since we hadn’t had time to stop for a meal, they must have been hungry to boot. Their spirits showed no sign of wavering. The worse it got, the better they got.

Ash had been standing at that machine gun in the back of the Land Rover since 8:30 the morning before, and except for normal nature breaks, he’d been nearly continuously manning that weapon as we drove in the sun on dusty, bumpy roads, or he was standing in the sun (and later under starlight) for what must have been 16 or 18 hours straight. I’d gone mostly numb on my seating parts, but at least once an hour, like clockwork, Ash would manage to check in on me.

“How ya doin’ Michael?” he’d say. “Need any wata?”

But the Brit media serves a different agenda – here’s today’s London Sunday Times:

A VIDEO of British troops in Iraq in which a soldier shouts a racist comment at insurgents has inadvertently been promoted by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) on its official website.

The five-minute video includes a soldier shouting: “Come on, you f****** P*** bastards.” The Ministry of Defence has now removed the link to the video.

John Pugh, Liberal Democrat MP for Southport, said: “Our soldiers have had a stressful situation during their tour of duty in Iraq, but the MoD has scored a massive own goal by pushing this video.”

…The full video shows soldiers from the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment coming under fire in their own accommodation and on patrol. According to the soldiers, they have been fired upon 390 times with some attacks lasting as long as six hours. A link to the footage was put on the regiment’s official website.

The MoD said: “The decision to post the video on the internet was unfortunate and steps have been taken to remove it. The people involved will be spoken to, but it should be understood that what was said was said in the heat of the moment.”

But, if my decoding is correct, some of the “insurgents” in Iraq, and most of them in Afghanistan really are f****** P*** bastards.

That makes the Sunday Times, Pugh, and the MoD F****** Tossers.


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