Ofek 7

The Israelis just orbited a very neat spy satellite, giving it three in total – enough for the job in hand.

The Ofek 7 satellite launching. The satellite orbits over Iran, Iraq and Syria every 90 minutes.
Photo: IAI

The Ofek is very simple and inexpensive compared with US assets. It flies in a low orbit, communicating directly to an earth station rather than a space-based comm network. It doesn’t have the resolution of the US systems, but provides excellent and timely battlefield surveillance, and can leave the detailed stuff to the IDF’s drone swarms.

Northrop Grumman is is proposing an 8-Ofek system to the US government – at $1.6 billion, it would provide insurance against the Chinese or Russians taking out the US big birds.

It’s also good news the Israeli Shavit launcher worked – it failed last time, and since it’s a modified version of the Israeli Jericho-II IRBM, their strategic weapons folks will have been worried their launchers were full of duds. Now that’s fixed.

Now the Israelis are good to go.


2 Responses to Ofek 7

  1. Harry says:

    1,5 billion dollar …inexpensive indeed

  2. gandalf says:


    Yes, and the US equivalent would cost $20 billion!

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