Striking Iraq

Joe Lieberman’s suggestion on teaching the Mullahs an early lesson is backed by the statistics – currently 70% of US combat deaths in Iraq are from IEDs, bulk from Iranian supplied EFPs.

The analysis is from North Shore Journal, via LGF.

This shows US deaths from IEDs going through 3 complete cycles since Jan 2006, and now at (possibly) the high point of a fourth cycle amounting to 70% of all deaths.

Initially the IEDs were artillery shells – big, heavy and hard to conceal. Then the Iranians began to deploy the smaller and much more lethal EFP, starting in Q2 2006:

21 August 2006: Three factories in Iran are mass-producing the sophisticated roadside bombs used to kill British soldiers over the border in Iraq, it has been claimed.

The lethal bombs are being made by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps at ordnance factory sites in Teheran, according to opponents of the country’s theocratic regime…

Members of the Washington-based Iran Policy Committee have released the details about the three bomb factories gathered by the exile group, the National Council for Resistance in Iran (NCRI).

Iranians working for the NCRI pinpointed the facilities at three industrial sections called Sattari, Sayad Shirazi and Shiroodi. The factories are in the Lavizan neighbourhood in northern Teheran which is controlled by the country’s defence ministry. The Sattari Industry specialises in anti-tank mines and operates under the aegis of the IRGC’s al-Quds or Jerusalem Force.

…”These sites are close to a military site, known as Lavizan 2, that is now being used for Iran’s nuclear programme…”

The EFPs are probably being produced at Lavizan because they’re designed by the shaped charge team there that builds the implosion lenses for Iran’s nukes.

The coalition has responded to the EFP by attacking the Iranian supply chain, improving armor, varying its patrol routings, and killing the bomb masters – Michael Yon reports a Brit night ambush of an EFP team using Javelin anti-tank missiles.

No doubt the cycles reflect Iranian adaptation to our tactics.

What is clear is that the battle will continue until we shut down the Mullahs’ design and production capabilities.

The piece above gives the first three entries on what will be a long target list. They may have been moved, but killing the shaped charge design team should be a priority anyway.

I suspect president Bush won’t mount a full-scale strike on the Mullahs’ nuke program – that will produce a lot of (real) fallout. That’s OK, the Israelis will do the job when all the centrifuges are in place.

But a massive but short air campaign that destroys Revolutionary Guard centers, manufacturing centers and regime hideouts is much easier to mount.

Let’s roll.


2 Responses to Striking Iraq

  1. Check back at my blog about 1:30 pm EDT. I’ve got a post going up with graphs of just IED deaths and non-IED combat deaths.

    Thanks for the link.

  2. gandalf says:


    Congratulations on doing this hard work to pull the numbers together – they’re worth more than the combined opinion output of the entire MSM!

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