You Read It Here First

Blair may become long-term president of the EU after he’s signed the Brits up to the hated Constitution without consulting them. That would validate our predictions.

The rumor:

Tony Blair, the British prime minister, could end up swapping Downing Street for a job as the first full-time European Union president, under a plan being actively touted by Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president…

The president would have few formal powers, but would give the EU strategic leadership and represent the bloc on the world stage on issues such as climate change, bilateral relations and development in conjunction with the new foreign minister.

(Note the EU is getting its own foreign minister.)

Over 2 years ago we published the secret tapes of meetings between Blair, Schroeder, and Chirac held at the Granita restaurant in London’s Islington. The blog’s wretched search function omits these, so here’s the chronological list.

Granita Tapes


First meeting: First session and Second session

Second Meeting

Third Meeting: First session, Second session, Third session, and Fourth session

The first meeting has this revealing quote:

Blair. (Looking firm and yet sad). I will be President-for-life of the Unholy European Empire (Ed: UEE is discussed in more detail later). I can’t stay on as Prime Minister, I just don’t know how to do it. You see, I’ve never had a proper job – I’m only a bloody lawyer, not like Maggie, Churchill, or Bush. (Stifles manly sob).

So it goes.


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