UNIFIL Weasels

A few days ago the head of the UN’s force in Southern Lebanon (UNIFIL) said he had Hezbollah thoroughly disarmed. That’s implausible, but anyway it turns out he only meant terrorists who actually call themselves Hezbollah.

The boastful fellow is one General Graziano.

But today:

Four Katyusha rockets struck the town of Kiryat Shmona in northern Israel Sunday afternoon, causing damage but no injuries…

Lebanese television said that the rockets were fired from the Lebanese village of Taibeh.

The privately owned Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation LBC channel said the village of Taibeh overlooks Kiryat Shmona.

That’s right in UNIFIL’s bailiwick.

Rebranding your killers is an old IRA trick -when they slaughtered 29 women and kids in Omagh, they called themselves the “Real IRA”. Regardless of the naming convention, the steps of the local hospital still ran with blood.
And the rest of the IRA went on consuming the rewards of Blair’s peace process.


One Response to UNIFIL Weasels

  1. Interesting, I didn’t hear about this one the nightly new the way I would have if Israel had attacked S. Lebanon………hm……..steve

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