Liverpool’s Modern Nazis

Somewhat predictably, the Brit Socialist State persecutes the people it was created to help. Still, there’s a bright side.

The persecutors:

Health and safety officers at Liverpool city council have drawn up plans to request residents not to smoke at least half an hour before a visit by staff and to open windows and not light up during a home visit…

The plans are to protect employees from exposure to second-hand smoke. The council says the rules are not a “ban” and it will not be able to force householders to comply.

The rules will apply to residents in both council houses and private homes being visited by staff, including social workers, enforcement officers and planning officers.

But if residents insist on smoking at home during a visit from a council employee the visit will be ended and they will be asked to attend a council office – which comes under the nationwide smoking ban from July 1.

Liverpool city council only visits its taxpayers in their homes because the latter can’t make it its offices. Maybe because they’re too old to travel, they don’t have money to travel, they have too many kids to look after, or they’re too sick.

Many people who are having a tough time smoke to mitigate their miseries in an oppressive world. So preventing them from smoking in their homes is merely oppressive, since Liverpool city council could quite easily arrange for its smoking employees to conduct such visits.

The bright side is that Liverpool city council’s enforcement officers and planning officials visit taxpayers’ homes to do them harm – to force them to comply with the council’s pettifogging regulations.

Now the taxpayers can send these bums packing by the simple act of lighting up a pipe or cigarette.

In WW2, Liverpool was the base port for the huge convoys bringing food and war materials from the US and Canada, and its doughty people gave solace to thousands of wounded men and crippled ships. This in spite of the the Nazis bombing their city flat. And Liverpool spawned the irreverent Beatles.

So its people are unlikely to be cowed by these modern Nazis.

And you won’t be surprised to learn said Nazis are, like their predecessors, relying on dubious science.

Fair disclosure: I haven’t smoked a cigarette for 30 years.


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