The Royal Navy’s foreign foes have no reason to fear it – so the Brits have no reason to fund it.

Here are the highlights of the official investigation into the surrounding of a Royal Navy boarding team operating in international waters by the Iranians, the team’s immediate surrender, and its subsequent collaboration with its captors (my ellipsis):

No one has been blamed for a series of misjudgments in which fifteen sailors and marines were seized by Iran in the Gulf in March and were later freed to tell, and in two cases sell, their stories to the media.

…the events of March 23 were “not the result of a single gross failing or individual human error, but of the coming together of a series of vulnerabilities” which had placed the British personnel “in a position that could be exploited through a deliberate act by an unpredictable foreign power”.

…there was no case for disciplinary action against any of the individuals involved. “But (the) report does emphasize that many of those individuals could have done more to prevent what happened,” …

But facing off “unpredictable foreign powers” is precisely what the Brits, though their taxes, pay their Royal Navy to do.

Of course war is a series of cock-ups, but the winners learn from their own mistakes and their enemies’ successes.

The Royal Navy has declined to do this, and there’s nothing in the footling actions recommended by the report to prevent the Iranians pulling off the same trick again.

The Brits should spend the military cash on their splendid Army, not this crew of incompetents.


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