Fair’s Fair

Frau Merkel is pushing her revived EU Constitution to enable Germany (based on having the biggest population) to have the biggest clout in the EU, and for said EU to dictate the foreign policies of its member states.

So it’s reasonable for other nations to argue their populations would be bigger if they hadn’t been slaughtered by the Germans in WW2.

First, the London Times (my ellipsis)

(Thierry Roge/Reuters)

Protesters hold placards of the EU leaders in Brussels. Many (EU leaders) are keen to avoid a referendum on the new treaty being negotiated in the next 48 hours.

What Germany wants:

The 500 million Europeans must speak with a single voice on global issues, Frau Merkel will insist, which means resurrecting the content of the constitution, but calling it a treaty instead.

What this means will become clearer at the summit, but at a minimum it would give the EU a “legal personality,” with a European foreign minister negotiating with above the heads of its member states. This would have made it harder for dissidents such as Prime Minister Blair to defy their partners by sending troops to Iraq.

But the Poles are playing hardball (my ellipsis):

Mr Kaczynski (Polish Prime Minister) said a proposed new EU voting formula based on population size hurt his country because it had not recovered from the losses suffered during the war…

Under the proposed “double majority” voting formula, a majority consists of 55 per cent of member states and 65 per cent of the Union’s population.

Germany, with 82 million people, benefits most from the new system, while Poland, with 38 million people, loses relative power, compared to its more populous neighbour…

“We are only demanding that we get back what was taken from us,” Mr Kaczynski said…

“If Poland had not had to live through the years of 1939-45, Poland would be today looking at the demographics of a country of 66 million.”

He’s right – the Germans killed about 6 million Poles in WW2, plus millions more from other nations now EU members.

Germans might argue they were victims too, so their loss of population should be factored in to current EU voting.

But since they started the war, that’s bunk, and the Poles have it.

But I fear Germany and its ally France will get their treaty, regardless of the views of the taxpayers.


5 Responses to Fair’s Fair

  1. Chris says:

    > But since they started the war

    Nobody who has political power today is responsible for World War II. Everyone who tries to gain more influence with this argument (which, by the way, instrumentalises the victims) seems to have no hard facts for his ideology.

    The European Union is a complex, but successful project to protect peace, economic stability and human rights in our countries. But the Polish government does not seem to realise that and believes that nationalism and hate is better for their country than cooperation and good neighbourship – in contrast to a lot of their countrymen.

    The Polish premier said that Poland would “die” for their position. I am confused about this statement, because you can die only once. Europe does not want to, but could live without Poland. The question is: Can Poland live without Europe?

  2. gandalf says:


    Yes, it is a bit rough.

    But it’s understandable if Merkel has indeed threatened the Polish government with a cutback in EU funding unless it toes her line. The Poles are legendary fighters (hence their 6 million dead in WW2) and will not tolerate this.

    Surely the EU needs the Poles.

    It’s not in the EU’s interest to push Poland back into the arms of Russia, putting nuclear-armed tank armies on Germany’s border. That could easily happen if the Constitution is forced on the Polish people and they find the EU is being run in the interests of Germany and France.

    And if that doesn’t happen, there’s always the US – it needs Poland for its missile shield.

    Bottom line: the EU without Poland becomes much less safe, so the EU should be extra nice the them.

  3. Chris:

    You said: “Nobody who has political power today is responsible for World War II. Everyone who tries to gain more influence with this argument (which, by the way, instrumentalises the victims) seems to have no hard facts for his ideology.”

    Does this mean that the today’s Germans should benefit from the acts of their forefathers by redfining the rules to favor the demographic table as it was set by those forefathers?

    Gandalf: Bottom Line too: Maybe us Yanks should have some power because both Germany and the EU would be much less safe if the US pulls out…………..though not a bad idea. And I would like to take some of that money we provided during re-construction as well 🙂 …..steve

  4. gandalf says:


    That’s a good thought – the US could bill the EU for its remaining in NATO.

    Euros 100 billion a year should about cover the physical costs, although no amount could compensate for having to put up with the French and Belgians.

    Failing which, the US could hand the keys to Putin.

  5. gandalf: Well then we need to charge protection (in a good old fashioned sense)…….steve

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