Day Of The Oxymoron

It’s been one of those days.

UN/Iran Action Plan

(UN) officials spoke amid signs that Tehran was ready for concessions, with the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency saying Iran’s chief negotiator had agreed to draw up a “plan of action” within two months on how to resolve questions about Iran’s disputed nuclear program.

International Atomic Energy Agency Director Mohamed ElBaradei described the two-hour meeting with Ali Larijani as” quite satisfying.”

A promise from ElBaradei and the Mullahs, and $4, buys you a Grande Caffe Latte.

EU leaders strike deal on ‘reform treaty‘

Nicolas Sarkozy, French president, claimed to have dealt a blow to the “dogma” of competition after European Union leaders struck a deal on a new “reform treaty” in marathon talks that ended in the early hours of Saturday.

Mr Sarkozy said the new treaty opened the door for the creation of “European champions”, after he secured the deletion of the words “undistorted competition” from the EU’s objectives.

“The word “protection” is no longer taboo,” he said. “Competition as an ideology, as a dogma, what has it done for Europe?”

Well Nico, competition made the US economy soo big that it was able to liberate the future EU states from the Nazis, then flood Europe with Marshall Aid, then stop the USSR taking Europe over, and now protect Europeans’ asses.

Still, it’s pleasing to see our judgment of this small French person vindicated.


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