We The People

We The People determine if our societies survive and prosper. The death of the Bush/Kennedy immigration bill shows We The People run the US, setting an example to oppressed peoples around the world.

There’s nothing magical about democracy – as Winston Churchill observed, it just works better than the alternatives.

And it’s not an Anglo monopoly – We The German People tore down the Berlin Wall and together with We The Polish, Hungarian, Baltic, Romanian, and Czech Peoples destroyed the mighty USSR.

And We The Chinese People may soon remove the Chinese dictators.

There have been several recent mass demonstrations by middle class Chinese, usually protesting efforts to put factories, or other property value destroying facilities, in the middle of newly built middle class communities.

Local government officials, who control the local police, find that they cannot just use force to disperse the middle class demonstrators, as they do farmers, or poor, working class protestors. The middle class crowd is better organized, and have useful connections themselves…

If the middle class turns on the Communist Party, the communists will lose.

We The Iranian People may oust the Mullahs (my ellipsis):

The protests (against gas rationing), the most open sign of discontent with Mr Ahmadinejad’s rule since he took office in 2005, were accompanied by a stream of text-messaged jokes, which often serve as a vent for Iranians’ suppressed frustrations.

“On the orders of President Ahmadinejad,” read one, “those who are short of petrol can have a ride on the 17 million donkeys who voted for him.”

The Chinese and Iranian peoples must take great comfort from this splendid victory:

The on-again-off-again immigration bill took a fatal blow yesterday as a majority of senators voted to block it, responding to millions of e-mails, phone calls and faxes from voters furious over a measure they saw as amnesty…

It was a devastating defeat for President Bush, who invested a tremendous amount of political capital into immigration reform.

Despite teaming with Democrats, attacking some of his own staunchest supporters, deploying two Cabinet secretaries and much of his top policy hierarchy nearly full time to the Capitol and making calls himself, Mr. Bush was unable to secure victory and is now left without a major domestic accomplishment for his second term.

Senators repeatedly talked about pressure from voters swaying the day…


The opposition was so fierce it shut down the Senate’s Internet server earlier in the debate and yesterday morning flooded the phone system beyond capacity, senators said. One grass-roots group, NumbersUSA, recorded 1.5 million faxes sent through its system to Senate offices during the weeks of debate…

Of 34 senators up for re-election in 2008, only nine voted to push the bill forward.

We the European People still have a chance:

Demands for a vote over a new European Union treaty are growing in the Netherlands and France, the two countries that rejected the proposed constitution the first time around in 2005.

Gordon Brown faces a possible domino effect if referendums are granted in other EU countries for a treaty that he insists is not the old constitution.

Tony Blair’s decision to hold a vote on the constitution in April 2004 was a catalyst for referendums in France and beyond. A similar effect is feared by national and EU officials should campaigns for a vote take off.

Let’s hope We The European people prevail – it would be a shame for Europe to slide into darkness just as the Chinese and Iranians emerge blinking into the free world.


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