Those Brit Bombs

It’s too soon to draw useful lessons from the attempted bombings in London and Glasgow, but the reactions illuminate Brit society.

Prime Minister Brown

Turns out to be a Nancy Pelosi – he had this to say, in a statement the Brit MSM called “tough”:

The terrorists were making a long term and sustained attack on Western values and it would have to be countered by not just military and security means, Mr Brown said.

“It’s also about hearts and minds. If in the long term we cannot separate the moderates from the extremists and the extremists prey on young lives both in this country and in other parts of the world, then we will see culturally a distancing of people with extreme views from the rest of the community.

So Brown believes Brits can only be safe if they make nice to the inhabitants of the world’s Muslim dictatorships. But these are failed societies which, by brutally oppressing women, produce hordes of young men convinced their incompetence and poverty is our fault, not theirs.

The only way to deal with that is to keep the nutters out (security) and whack them when they threaten to harm us (military).

The Pelosi diagnosis is confirmed by Brown’s appointment of the man who covered for Annan on his Oil for Food heist. Brown has appointed him a Minister of the Crown, which Mark Steyn calls “one of the most revolting public appointments in modern British history”. He’s right.


Glasgow is a very rough town, and it’s inhabitants are famously combative and thus:

John Smeaton, who was working as a baggage handler at the airport, was one of those who helped to wrestle the suspects to the ground. “I saw the guy get out of the car in flames, he went straight for the police,” he said.

“I thought ‘go and get this guy’. It’s your work, it’s your duty to make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen, it’s your civic duty.”

I don’t see that happening at, say, Brighton Airport. So why did these apparently foreign terrorists choose Glasgow?

Perhaps its welfare dependency reminded them of their hellhole homelands (although there the money comes from aid and oil, not Brit taxpayers):

In Glasgow, where 55 per cent of households have no earned income, male life expectancy is 69 years, lower than in the Gaza Strip, North Korea and Iran.

In Calton, the poorest area of the city, male life expectancy is 54 years, which puts it on a par with sub-Saharan Africa.

…state spending now accounts for 70 per cent of the Glasgow region’s GDP, putting it on a par with the communist countries of the old Eastern bloc.

The Brit Government Dances To Terror’s Tune

After each terrorist attack on the UK, its government adopts more “security” measures that add huge costs to its economy. These are ineffective since the UK has lousy border security and zero internal policing of illegal immigrants, and because the terrorists just switch tactics.


The biggest queues are likely to be on the way into the departure lounge, unless the searching regime is eased ahead of the height of the holiday season…

For the foreseeable future everyone can expect more detailed scrutiny.

However thus far the terminals themselves have run reasonably smoothly and British Airways has advised passengers to arrive at their normal check-in time, rather than turning up at the terminal too early.

That, an airline spokesman warned, could lead to overcrowding at terminals. It was this which forced airports to erect tents to deal with the overspill last summer.


Airline passengers were confronted by a new wave of security measures yesterday.

Vehicles were banned from dropping off or picking up passengers outside terminals following the attack on Glasgow airport.

The decision to keep private vehicles away from terminals was taken after advice from the Department for Transport and police.

Passengers now face being directed to outlying car parks and bused in.

Every sensitive building in London is surrounded by anti-truck bomb barriers, which can be installed overnight. Instead of installing these at airports, the “tough” Mr. Brown is making life really hard for ordinary Brits, notably old people and families with small kids.

We spent the last week traveling around Southern Europe. It’s like the old days – you can have two cabin bags, shoe and laptops aren’t X-rayed, security delays are 5 minutes at most. Hence the whole region is crammed with tourists.

Now only masochists will visit the UK.

And that means the terrorists, no matter how incompetent, have won.


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