Independence Day, 2007

The news this July 4 demonstrates why, despite its weaknesses, the US provides an example to the world. And why, for despite its strengths, the UK is headed for extinction.

The US

Starting WW2, the US has freed scores of oppressed nations – Iraq is just the latest. It has done so at great cost in blood and treasure, and without charge.

No other nation in history has done this.

And it does it regardless of which party is in power. When European troops handed the citizens of Srebrenica to their Serb tormentors – the men for mass execution, the women and girls for mass rape – only the US was outraged.

The Brit government at the time embargoed sending arms to the Bosnians, saying this would “level the killing field“. Brit people were shamed by this, but their centralized political structures squelched dissent.

The pluralistic US society, even under the corrupt Clinton – was disgusted by the Serbs, and took prompt action against them in the face of European cynicism. And now Bosnia is free.

The situation in Iraq is the same. Sure the US has its defeatists, but the constitution doesn’t give them absolute power. And the splendid US military is grinding its enemies into the dust.

And they are deeply depraved enemies – if you haven’t seen it, check out Michael Yon’s two reports on the village slaughtered by Al Qaeda. The bastards killed all the animals, all the men, all the women, all the kids. Then filled their empty houses with IEDs.

The UK

In contrast to the US, the Brits have a centralized government. That’s because it’s a modified monarchy, in which all the powers of the sovereign have passed to the Prime Minister, currently Gordon Brown.

So between elections Brit governments are effective dictatorships, with the attendant elitism, incompetence, corruption, and cynicism.

A case in point is the revived EU Constitution, here described by one of its leading architects (my ellipsis):

Mr Juncker (Luxembourg’s premier), a supporter of a United States of Europe, described the June 23 deal signed by Tony Blair as an “objective success” for friends of the EU constitution.

“There is a single legal personality for the EU, the primacy of European law, a new architecture for foreign and security policy, there is an enormous extension in the fields of the EU’s powers, there is Charter of Fundamental Rights,” he said, listing elements of the old constitution in the proposed treaty…

Mr Juncker said he supported public debate on the treaty – except in Britain.

“Britain is different. Of course there will be transfers of sovereignty. But would I be intelligent to draw the attention of public opinion to this fact?”

Prime Minister Brown agrees:

Gordon Brown yesterday ruled out holding a referendum on a new European constitutional treaty…

There’s nothing the Brits can do about this, which is a shame- the last European superstate, Austria-Hungary, caused WW1 and the deaths of 1 million Brits.

The Brit political environment leads to helplessness and its sickly child, appeasement. Thus the opposition Tories just appointed Dame Pauline Neville-Jones as their security supremo.

She was complicit in the appeasement of the Serbs and the slaughter of the Bosnians. So in the unlikely event the Tories ever get elected, expect more of the same.

So this July 4 Americans can congratulate themselves on the wisdom of their founders in banishing the dictatorship of kings from their fair land.


3 Responses to Independence Day, 2007

  1. dearieme says:

    “without charge”? Not the view of HM Treasury in the early part of WW2.

  2. gandalf says:


    You’re right, I’d forgotten us!

    I think the US did impose stringent terms on their loans to the UK, both in WW1 and WW2.

    But they compensated with Lend Lease, and gave the UK the largest amount of Marshall Aid:

  3. dearieme says:

    Mind you, all polities are headed for extinction.

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