A Black Day for Israel

The Israeli cabinet is setting Jordanian murderers free. So now we (and Israel’s enemies) know that cabinet is full of appeasers and Jordan is a terror state.

The Cabinet voted Sunday in favor of allowing four Jordanian nationals to serve the remainder of their life sentence for the killing of two IDF soldiers in Jordan, but some ministers estimated that King Abdullah may pardon the terrorists within the next 18 months…

On November 7, 1990, three of the Jordanians infiltrated Israel and ambushed an IDF patrol, killing Captain Yehuda Lifshitz. The three were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Five days following the first incident, the fourth Jordanian, who was a minor at the time, infiltrated Israel, penetrated an IDF stronghold and murdered Staff Sergeant Pinchas Levi. He was also sentenced to life in jail.

If Captain Lifshitz and Staff Sergeant Levi hadn’t defended their country, they’d now be raising families.

But they died shielding their country, the leaders of which are returning their murderers to raise their own families in their terror-sponsoring homeland.

By this craven act, the Israeli cabinet has undermined that nation’s spirit, demoralized its army, and energized its many enemies:

The release of the four prisoners drew much attention among other security prisoners, and their visiting relatives, some of whom were seen making victory gestures with their hands.


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