Restoring Brit Marriage

Notwithstanding our plaudits, the Brit justice system has a hard fault – it destroys the institution of marriage, so feeding the social breakdown besetting the UK.

The opposition Tory party, to its credit, has cottoned on to the deep Brit unease about what’s happened to their society:

The Tories “mission” will be tackling poverty and social breakdown that is costing the taxpayer £102 billion a year, David Cameron said yesterday…

A policy document published yesterday painted a picture of Britain as a broken society riddled with debt and addiction, welfare dependency, family breakdown and educational failure. It said that family breakdown costs £24 billion a year, educational underachievement £18 billion and crime £60 billion.

In fact the core failure is family breakdown, since that leads to debt, welfare dependency, drug abuse, educational failure, poor health, and more crime.

And that’s just for people that decide to live together and have kids. Almost all of the young men and women of my acquaintance have decided not to marry, in part because they fear the financial disaster of divorce.

Thus the rising UK crime statistics and its dependence on imported labor and high-birthrate Muslims arise because the smart people don’t reproduce, while the rest do but in the most damaging way possible. Even with those Muslims, the Brit birthrate per woman is 1.66 – way below replacement,

But there’s an easy solution – fire all the judges who do this:

A wealthy retired builder was ordered to pay more money to the woman he divorced nearly 30 years ago after a judge heard she had “fallen on hard times”, the Court of Appeal was told yesterday.

Dennis North, 70, was divorced from his first wife Jean, 61, in 1978 – a year after finding out she was having an affair with the man she later went to live with.

In 1981 he made a financial settlement with the woman he married in 1964, buying her a house and investments.

Over the years, he increased her assets so that she would have been able to live comfortably for the rest of her life, the judges were told.

But in 1999, she sold up and moved to Australia where she saw her capital dwindle because of bad investments and what the court was told was a lifestyle beyond her means.

A district judge awarded her a lump sum of £202,000 in April last year despite agreeing that Mrs North’s money troubles had nothing to do with her former husband and he had no further responsibility towards her.

Since his divorce from his first wife, Mr North had prospered and his wealth is now estimated at between £5 million and £11 million, the court was told.

Mr North, who was left to bring up the three children of the marriage and has two children by his second wife, wants the Court of Appeal to quash the award.

This tells young people who expect to prosper that if they marry, however briefly, they will be obliged to keep their ex-spouses at leisure for the rest of their days. Only the deeply infatuated will fall for such an unbalanced contract.

The social destruction is not just caused by judges – Blair’s government recently passed a law that treats cohabiting couples as if they were married. So living in sin is not an option, and young people keep their own flats and houses, liaising at weekends. Until that gets treated as marriage too.

If the Tories want to fix this problem, they’ll have to unwind 2 decades of marriage-hostile legislation.

And bust all those judges.


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