The Tory Terrorist

Another row-back. Although the Brit Tory party is talking sense about social breakdown, it just made a terror sypathiser a shadow cabinet minister.

The appointment by the Conservative party of Sayeeda Warsi as shadow minister for Community Cohesion sends the wrong signal at a time when Britain is fighting a global war against Islamic terrorism and extremism, both domestically and internationally…

…in a 2006 article…written while serving as vice chairman of the Conservative party, Warsi described the government’s antiterror proposals as “enough to tip any normal young man into the realms of a radicalized fanatic.” She also wrote that “if terrorism is the use of violence against civilians, then where does that leave us in Iraq?”

Actually it leaves our troops in Iraq getting killed avoiding civilian casualties, while Warsi’s fanatics commit mass murder.

In a BBC-reported press conference outside Downing Street in 2005 just days after the 7/7 bombings, Warsi urged the British government to engage with Islamic extremist groups:

“We must engage with, not agreeing with, the radical groups who we have said in the past are complete nutters. We need to bring these groups into the fold of the democratic process…

Warsi also dismissed the idea that pressure should be placed upon British Muslims to root out extremists within their midst, commenting that “when you say this is something that the Muslim community needs to weed out, or deal with, that is a very dangerous step to take.”

What’s her point? The terrorists in the UK get to vote, while the ones outside are all in (or run) Islamic dictatorships.

She goes on, demanding withdrawal from Iraq, and saying the Brits should make nice to Hamas and encourage Kashmiri terror groups.

Terrorists randomly kill and maim old people, little kids, teenagers, ordinary folks. It kills them in market places, at prayer, on planes, at work, in the street, at school, in the fields, and at home.

It’s a filthy thing and the Tory party will have no credibility as a potential government while this creepy wannabe killer remains in its ranks.


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