Brit Social Breakdown (2)

Brit judges and pols don’t just undermine the married couples – they take their kids too. In secret.

A legal bid to lift the secrecy surrounding children taken from parents and put up for adoption has been launched by an MP…

The current law means reporters or members of the public cannot attend family court hearings, see documents, review evidence or obtain copies of judgments.

Last week’s article led to a huge response from readers. One, who wrote in anonymously, said a female relative took her daughter into hospital only to be accused of abusing the girl.

The accusation led to a second child, born weeks later, being taken into care almost at birth. The mother was cleared of abuse but the children have not been returned because they are “settled”…

Family courts in England and Wales hear 400,000 cases a year, mostly divorces and child custody cases. However, in some 20,000 cases a year, local councils apply to remove children from parents on the grounds that they are abusive of neglectful.

Concerns over secrecy were heightened two weeks ago by the case of the Webster family from Cromer, Norfolk. Mark Webster, 34, and wife, Nicky, 26, were told they could keep their fourth child Brandon, aged 13 months.

The couple fled to Ireland to have him after claiming they were wrongly accused of child abuse and had their first three children taken into care four years ago and later adopted.

Secrecy is the food of despots, in this case the judges and the lefty social workers who carry out forced adoption.

20,000 kids removed from their parents each year is huge, giving each Brit kid a 3% chance of being force-adopted (600,000 born each year, 20,000 adopted). And my experience is that many adopted kids don’t prosper – of four I have known, one committed suicide and one is dying of drug addiction.

Forced adoptions can only be justified when the parents have a) been tried and convicted of harming their kids in a public court of law, and b) after another public court of law establishes beyond reasonable doubt that the kids are more at risk staying home than they are being adopted.

Brits should help the MP clean out this evil mess.

He’s a Liberal Democrat, so if he’s representative, the Brits have the option of steering between the EUrocrat Labour and the green terror-appeasing Tories.


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