Deportation or Reconquista

The illegal-immigrant-supporting WSJ opines that by not passing the amnesty bill the Republicans will lose control of Texas to raging Latinos. That’s actually an argument for deporting illegals and closing the border, not appeasing them.

Royal Masset, a political consultant and longtime political director for the Republican Party of Texas–who played a key role in organizing the grassroots support that took the GOP from marginality to an overwhelming majority–has been predicting a reversal for years.

“There’s a certain inevitability in demographics,” he told me. “We knew that if we could win 40% of the Hispanic vote,” as Mr. Bush did in 2004, “we’d control Texas until 2030.” But in 2006, the number of Texas Hispanics who voted Republican fell to between 30% and 35% (depending on the poll).

This shift alone spells trouble for Republicans. Many conservatives may not want to hear it, but Mr. Masset puts the blame on talk radio and cable TV reaction to immigration reform. He says an uncompromising attitude toward comprehensive reform and appeals to fear sometimes carry a whiff of racism that alienates Hispanics. “Houston is no more than six years behind Dallas,” he warns…

Older and white voters who predominate in suburban and rural communities continue to have positive impressions about the Republican Party, but there’s an image problem among the state’s growing number of younger voters and Hispanic voters, who are more numerous in urban centers. “When we looked at the numbers,” Mr. DelSignore says, “this grew into a compelling narrative.”

And why not? A similar flip happened in California in the 1990s.

I wouldn’t worry about younger voters – they think like spoilt Europeans, and won’t start voting until they grow up.

But Hispanic voters are more troubling – if they see the refusal of the American people to amnesty 12 to 20 million lawbreakers as an “image problem”, they’re not bought in to the American rule of law.

So adding millions to their numbers through amnesty-and-path-to-citizenship would just have made matters worse – maybe as bad as California, which is imploding as poor welfare-dependent folks move in and wealth producers head out.

Thus Texan Republicans would do well to deport illegals as fast as they can and aggressively stop more coming in.

If the Hispanic vote then elects Dem appeasers, Texas will soon cease to a viable economic unit, and the US can give it back to Mexico and leave it to revert to rocks and rattlesnakes. And a big Israeli-style wall.


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