Time To Quarantine Russia

Russia has refused to extradite the man charged with the Polonium poisoning. This gives the UK a perfect reason to quarantine that decaying state by banning its companies from acquiring safe Brit assets.

Russia is flailing about like a drowning man.

It has threatened to nuke Europe if it fields part of the US BMD system.

It has seized the assets of EU companies trading in Russia.

One of its citizens has been charged with the Polonium poisoning of a Brit subject in London.

And now it has refused to extradite the guy:

Downing Street today condemned Russia’s formal refusal to extradite murder suspect Andrei Lugovoi, warning that the alternative offer of a trial in Moscow was “unacceptable”.

Gordon Brown’s spokesman said: “Russia’s refusal to extradite Mr Lugovoi is extremely disappointing and we deeply regret that Russia has failed to show the necessary level of cooperation in this matter.”

“This was a crime that was committed in London, the evidence and the witnesses are in the United Kingdom and we do not have confidence that a trial in Moscow would meet the standards of impartiality and fairness that we would deem necessary.”

Russia is drowning because its oil will soon run out, or be priced out of the market, or be seized by the Chinese. So it’s desperate to diversify to safe non-Russian assets. That’s following the lead of the many oligarchs who have fled to (relatively) safe London, bringing their families and money.

Putin’s catspaw is Gazprom:

Gazprom has made its second small acquisition in Britain, and talked about its ambitions for further expansion, but played down expectations that a much larger bid for a leading UK utility could be imminent.

Gazprom Marketing and Trading, a London-based unit of the state-controlled Russian gas company, has bought Cheshire-based Natural Gas Shipping Services, for an undisclosed amount.

Gazprom is a thoroughly corrupt entity. Putin used it to pay off Schroeder for Germany’s anti-American policies:

During Schröder’s final weeks in office he signed an agreement between Germany and Russia to build the Nord Stream pipeline under the Baltic Sea to supply Russian gas directly to Germany, bypassing Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic countries.

Soon after stepping down as chancellor, Schröder accepted a post as the head of the shareholders’ committee in a Russian-led consortium, controlled by Gazprom, which is building the pipeline…

The Brits should immediately slap a blanket ban on all acquisitions by Russian companies and their proxies, and keep it the until the alleged perp is delivered.

He won’t be, since he’s KGB and Putin looks after his own.

But it would keep Brits out of what promises to be the extended and messy collapse of the Russian nation.


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