Another Depressingly Accurate Prediction

Our 2005 satire on the European Union had it morphing into a European Empire. It has.

My ellipsis:

Mr Barroso (unelected president of the European Commission), Portugal’s former centre-Right prime minister and a student radical in the 1960s, tried to argue that unlike old “super state” empires the EU was based on a voluntary surrender of sovereignty, not military conquest.

“What we have is the first non-imperial empire,” he said.

“We have 27 countries that fully decided to work together and to pool their sovereignty. I believe it is a great construction and we should be proud of it.”

He speaks the truth – the EU will indeed be an empire when its new constitution gives it its own foreign ministry and diplomatic corps. And, like all other empires, it has been imposed by force on the peoples it rules – whenever they get to vote, the reject it.

But the EE (as we shall now call it) is very weak. The pols who run it are second rate – all disgraced and/or unpopular in their own countries. Plus it has no military, and its budget is minuscule.

These are fatal defects, since the next Black Swan event (huge energy shock or world war) will expose its lack of popular support, and it will fall apart, like all preceding Empires.

In the meantime the likes of Barroso can enjoy their fat tax free salaries.

Still, they do have to live in Brussels, Belgium.

UPDATE: a measured comment on the tiny gent’s mental state from England Expects:

Tell that to the people of France and Holland who rejected your power grab. Come to the UK and make those comments and see the reaction you will get.

The man is delusional. And people in power who are this delusional are, frankly dangerous. There have been 48 definable empires since the beginning of history, all have ended to a greater or lesser extent in collapse, and every one has involved massive loss of life and bloodshed. Is he stark raving mad?


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