Time To Free Gaddafi’s Hostages

Gaddafi has condemned some guiltless foreigners to death, providing the nations in the area with an excellent excuse to free them, and get rid of the brute.

Five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor have lost their appeal against a death sentence handed down in 2004 for infecting 426 Libyan children with HIV.

Libya’s Supreme Court today ruled against the six, who maintain that they were forced to confess under duress for the tragedy at a hospital in the Mediterranean city of Benghazi. Fifty-six of the children have since died…

Some Western scientists say negligence and poor hospital hygiene were the real culprits and that the six were made into scapegoats.

It’s more than “some scientists”:

DNA analysis has confirmed that the virus that infected the children could not possibly have been spread by the accused nurses, since it was present before they arrived. But the Libyans aren’t about to let the facts stand in the way of a good infidel hanging.

This monster has been terrorizing the world for years – his Lockerbie bombing missed Mrs G by just one day. Now he’s sending hordes of African illegal immigrants into the soft underbelly of the EE.

So it’s time for the international community to knock him on the head.

Freeing the prisoners will be risky, but worth that if they’re going to be hanged or beheaded anyway.

I’d suggest a three pronged assault:

1. Suppression of the (weak) Libyan SAM defenses

2. A precision air attack on Gaddafi’s compound. That’ll need good satellite and human intel, since he’s bound to have several.

3. A special forces raid on the prison to free the nurses and doctor.

The attack package might be something like this:

– 16 Mig-29s providing SAM suppression and top cover. Bulgaria has these, although it might like to borrow the Israel upgraded versions flown by its Romanian neighbors.

– 16 attack bombers for taking out the Gaddafi compound(s). These could come from Greece (F-16C), Italy (Tornado), or Israel (F-15I), and would use JDAM bombs with GPS or laser homing.

– a 100-man, heliborne special forces team. The Bulgarians will have such, but it would be politic for them to include some Palestinians from the West Bank. The helicopters would have to be Israeli CH-53 Sea Stallions, perhaps 6 in total.

The fighter and bomber packages could fly out of Sicily, Greece, or the Brit base in Cyprus. The helicopters could use the Italian island of Lampedusa, just off the Libyan coast.

Covering the build-up of this many planes should be easy – there are plenty of air displays in the Southern Med at this time of year.

Of course this risks men’s lives, but so does doing nothing – if Gaddafi gets away with this he’ll just go on killing.

On the upside, just image how Palestinians fighting alongside old and new EE nations and Israelis would transform the political climate for all parties!

Plus the poor Libyans might get to be free.


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