Federal Follies

The feds want visitors to give 2 days notice of flying to the US. That’s in addition to taking their credit card, address, and other personal data and holding them for 15 years. You can’t run a business that way, so that’ll just undermine the US economy.

The latest:

American plans that could force Europeans to give two-days’ notice before flying to the US would hinder last-minute business travel, the EU’s security chief has warned.

Under the proposals, European travellers would give passport and other details to the US authorities electronically, either personally or through travel agents.

A green light would rapidly confirm visa-free travel was permitted, while a yellow light would require the traveller to attend interviews at a US consulate. Frequent business flyers might enjoy an extended green- light permit.

But US authorities have so far failed to assuage European concerns that processing this information will in practice mean 48-hours’ notice could be required.

I once saved a US subsidiary from going bust by taking a London to NYC Concorde flight at 6 hours notice to close a crucial deal (I flew back coach). Now I wouldn’t bother – with a US subsidiary, that is.

Incidentally, an American recently mailed me here in Europe at an old address that’s only held by the IRS and SSA. He admits he used an “investigator”, who found my Social Security number and used that to get into one or the other of these two databases.

The SSA and IRS are supposed to have two of the most secure databases in the world, but clearly that’s not true.

So even if the 2 day rule gets dropped, European travelers to the US will suffer identity theft.

After a few such incidents, they’ll just stop coming.


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