Germans Should Be Nervous

The German Chancellor spent last month being beastly to the Poles, on the assumption that Poland needs the EE and Germany more than vice-versa. Now Poland is the only buffer between Putin’s tank armies and Germany, that  doesn’t seem so smart.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, has sent a chilling message of defiance to the West, effectively tearing up a vital Cold War treaty designed to guarantee peace in Europe…

Mr Putin signed a decree suspending Moscow’s participation in the Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) treaty, a move that will allow Russia to mass tanks on Europe’s border for the first time in 15 years.

A Russian invasion of Western Europe won’t happen anytime soon.

But history is often driven by capabilities not intentions, and the Russian army will now position itself on Poland’s frontier.

Poland is quite poor, so not worth having. But Germany would be a real plumb for Russia – 80 million very competent, obedient and defenseless Germans would provide a great basis for the Russian economy when the oil runs out.

And now a disgruntled Poland is all that stands between Russia’s tank divisions and Germany.


3 Responses to Germans Should Be Nervous

  1. […] don’t trust Putin, and I don’t think I’m alone. Over at Depleted Uranium, a writer points out that Russia is amassing tank divisions near the Polish border. A weak Poland […]

  2. Eric says:

    Don’t know if you read “The Gates of Vienna” blog, but this caught my eye. As a brit you may wanna spread the word…

    “The black limousines are rolling forward in front of a crowd of photographers and journalists, who stand behind rails at the EU headquarters in Brussels. The EU leaders have assembled to negotiate the new EU treaty with each other. The EU ministers love this opportunity to turn up and show their importance. What they do not love, however, is the influence of the people. The peoples of the various EU countries have not been allowed to partake in the EU treaty. Not even their national parliaments have been allowed to take part in it. No, the EU élite does not want a repetition of what happened in France and Holland, when the people said “no” to the increased concentration of power that this EU constitution was to have given to the central EU organ. Referenda were to prevent the construction of a super-state. So, the super-state will be built nevertheless without the peoples being allowed to speak up. This is to take place by deceitfully calling institutions and things something different from what they really are. We shall be trapped into losing our freedom.”

  3. gandalf says:


    Yes, I do read the excellent Gates of Vienna daily.

    Thanks for reminding me – it’s now on the DU blogroll.

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