Go Mossad, Go!

Readers will be shocked to hear that the new French president, while making nice to Israel, is giving aid and comfort to its enemies.

French intelligence fears that the Israeli Mossad will try to kidnap or assassinate senior Hizbullah officials who are participating in an inter-factional conference in Paris meant to resolve the political crisis in Lebanon, Kuwait’s Al-Siyassah newspaper reported on Saturday.

According to the report, senior members of French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government contacted associates of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and warned that such an action on French soil would lead to a deterioration in French-Israeli relations.

In fact whacking or kidnapping a few “senior Hizbullah officials” would be a highly productive contribution to solving the crisis in Lebanon, since Hezbollah and its backers Iran and Syria are the sole cause of that crisis.


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