Still Lord Black

Seems Lord B will stay a Lord in spite of being convicted for fraud. That’s fair – life peerages are granted for political services, some less than pure, and the hereditary lords get their titles from ancestors who did a King or Queen a favor, again often of an extra-judicial nature. So he’ll be in like company

The jury did a good job, tossing out 9 of the prosecution’s 13 charges, including racketeering. But they did right to convict him for paying himself a non-compete from a subsidiary.

However, the prosecution is tainted by the use of a bribed partner-in-crime:

One of those who benefited was David Radler, Black’s right-hand man for most of his meteoric rise up the corporate ladder. But Radler turned against him and gave evidence for the prosecution in a deal under which he pleaded guilty in exchange for up to 29 months in jail.

Mark Steyn says the bribee will be out in 6 months.

Still, if Black survives jail, he’ll still be able to use the House of Lords as his club (if it isn’t a mosque by then):

Although there were calls for Black to be stripped of his peerage, there is no provision for this. The Government once proposed such a law after Jeffrey Archer was jailed for perjury but it was never introduced.

I doubt this government will pass a special law to strip Black of his peerage – his financial manipulations are chicken feed compared with Brown’s accounting for state pension liabilities.

And the last thing the future Lord Brown wants is a precedent that can be used to bust him.


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