The Heat!

We just returned to the Southern Med from Italy, and can report that the weather in both places is quite normally hot.

The Brit MSM reports otherwise:

While much of Britain is still under floodwater, raging fires across southern Europe burned out of control yesterday…

Thousands of people across southern Europe have been displaced by fires triggered by persistently high temperatures and, in some cases, possible arson. Some of the blazes are so huge they are visible from space…

In Italy there were suggestions that many of the fires in the past week were lit by arsonists and the Mafia.

We went all over Italy, and saw not a single out of control fire – just the odd singed field that’s normal at this time of year. And our Mafiosa friends will be deeply  wounded by these libellous claims that they would abandon their altruistic peacekeeping activities and stoop to burning fields.

Those Brit floods resemble those a few years back when Climate Change visciously focused on new housing developments with names like “Meadow Valley” and “The Lakes”. Thus, this time:

Towns vulnerable to floods


Flooded by river: 570 properties so far, mainly in south-west of town. More expected.

Why: Abingdon sits on the confluence of the River Thames and River Ock. South-west Abingdon is built on the flood plain on a neck between the two rivers. Both rivers have severe flood warnings.

Defences: No man-made defences. 10,000 sandbags.

Peak flood: Late Wednesday. Similar capacity to January 2003 flood.

Peak flood: Late Wednesday evening, but will remain high for several days. Peak will be similar height to January 2003 floods.

Still, help is at hand (my ellipsis):

Water bills will have to rise to pay for flood-proofing towns and cities, the head of the Environment Agency says today, as forecasters warn of further flash floods over the weekend…

(She adds that) the country must act now to protect itself from the impact of climate change, which will make flooding a regular event.

So now all those folks can build in floodplains, secure in the knowledge that someone else will pick up the tab. Economists call this moral hazard.

Anyway, returning to the Southern Med, we found a flier from the local government waiting on the doormat. It asks us to save the planet by jogging to work and turning the central heating down 5 degrees.

It’s 98 degrees.


4 Responses to The Heat!

  1. Den says:

    Here in Spain they are asking us to turn the thermostat on the airconditioning up to 24º instead of 18º. Perhaps, if the flyer is in English, it is an error in translation?

  2. “We just returned to the Southern Med from Italy, and can report that the weather in both places is quite normally hot.”

    Well there you have it, Ipso Facto Global Warming………steve

  3. gandalf says:


    It’s idiocy, not a translation error – the leaflet seems to be written for Brits, and the locals just copied and pasted the whole thing.

    We’re actually very virtuous, since we don’t want to mess up our nice old house here with noisy modern amenities. So we use huge ceiling fans. which just about make life tolerable.

    The locals don’t even do that – families (babies and all) sit out in the street until about 2 PM, all chattering away. Very nice.

  4. gandalf says:


    I’m following up on the measurement angle from the earlier post.

    Turns out that not only are many US sensors mounted next to air conditioner outlets etc, but the US Agency that runs them (NOAA) applies six sets of corrections.

    These are intended to allow for the fact that all temperatures must be taken at the same (local) time of day – to avoid comparing a hot noon in CA with 9AM in NY.

    When you plot the aggregate of all these corrections, it turns out to account for almost all the Global Warming curve – i.e. without the NOAA corrections, no GW!

    It may be OK, but is a reminder of the incredible flimsiness of the datasets behind the GW scare.


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