America Can’t Trust Gordon Brown

Some Americans believe Gordon Brown remains a sturdy ally of the US. But he’s not, and the US should now bracket the UK with Germany and France.

Here’s the NY Sun:

It was good to hear President Bush confirm yesterday what many of us have considered an abiding truth in a treacherous world, that Britain and America maintain a special relationship. Gordon Brown, the new prime minister, in Camp David for his first visit with Mr. Bush, leaned on the words of that warrior for democracy Winston Churchill in expressing that we have come to be this close because of our “joint inheritance of liberty, a belief in opportunity for all, a belief in the dignity of every human being.”

But Brown plans to cut and run:

Gordon Brown prepared the ground yesterday for the withdrawal of British troops from the frontline in Iraq.

The Prime Minister tried to redefine the relationship between Number 10 and the White House when he made clear that he would retain control of the timetable for British withdrawal regardless of America’s involvement…

Mr Brown made clear that the decision on when British troops would be pulled out of Basra – and security handed to their Iraqi counterparts – would be based purely on the advice of British military commanders on the ground.

Winston Churchill did not base national policy on the views of generals – if he had we might well have lost WW2.

In fact Brown is busily integrating the UK with the EU – hence his dropping his party’s commitment for a referendum on the revived EU Constitution, which he knows Brits would reject.

Brown backs the EU because he’s a micro-manager with lousy judgment – exampled by his selling the Brit gold reserves at the bottom of the market. The EU is infested with people sharing these character defects, so it’s Brown’s natural home.

Of course he may have duplicated our analysis and decided that if the US is going isolationist, he might as well cut the link first. But that’s dumb – the American people might well decide that staying engaged with the world is their least bad option. In that case they stay in control of a world in which the UK has assumed weasel status.

Without US help and submerged in Europe, the Brits will be helpless to prevent their nation becoming just another Russian satellite.

None of which is to suggest the US reciprocates and cuts its many business, intelligence, and procurement ties with the UK.

But Americans should not trust Gordon Brown.


2 Responses to America Can’t Trust Gordon Brown

  1. Regarding Europe and the EU constitution, sorry, treaty, Mr Brown should quote Winston Churchill correctly as below:-
    “We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked, but not comprised. We are interested and associated, but not absorbed”…
    Sir Winston Churchill.
    For more info: go to

  2. gandalf says:


    Thanks for this excellent quote – the Tories should be shouting it from the rooftops.

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