Remember The NatWest Three!

These are three Brit bankers the Blair government let the Feds extradite to Houston a year ago. They’re still there. Meanwhile 3 IRA killers are sunning themselves in the US. That’s disgraceful.

There’s a summary of the prosecution case against the NatWest Three on Wikipedia. It’s mostly based on reports from lefty organs – Guardian and BBC – so is anti-banker.

The three are being tried in Houston for an alleged crime solely against a British bank, executed in the UK, by Brits and for which they were not charged in Brit courts.

For the last year they’ve been tagged and curfewed in Houston, and notionally allowed to seek work. However Houston, although it has good points, is hardly replete with high-level banking jobs.

This looks like the Fed plea bargain squeeze Mark Steyn identified in the Black trial – the Feds are running the three out of cash and isolating them from their families to force confessions. This is called “torture”.

It gets worse: Blair’s extradition treaty allows Feds to grab Brits from their homes without a prima facie or even reasonable case.

And it’s a one-way street – the Feds have refused to extradite three IRA killers:

Do you recall the likes of Desmond Mackin, Peter McMullen and Liam Quinn, all wanted by Britain to face charges of terrorist atrocities? I do, and I can tell you what became of them: US courts turned down extradition orders on all three.

The IRA burned people alive and killed women and kids.

This reflects a trend in the courts in both the US and UK: terrorists are not deported, lest they face abuse in their homelands, while middle class saps are shipped out like dogs.

That disgraces both our nations..

UPDATE 19:00: For what it’s worth, Gordon Brown is said to be sympathetic to scrapping the extradition treaty. That won’t help the 3 guys in Houston though.


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