Gates of Vienna

Using distorted ancient grievances to justify murder of real people isn’t unique to Islam – Irish Catholics do it too.

The Gates of Vienna is clear about the Islamic threat – here’s its tagline:

At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war.

The old war exists because our societies value people while Islam does not. But, for the Gates of Vienna, the people of Northern Ireland and our military are disposable:

…the British military are withdrawing from Northern Ireland, as of midnight, July 31st, BST.

August 1st, 2007 will be a red-letter day.

If you want an Irish interpretation (not a Northern Irish [Scots] Protestant view, of course) the headline would really say: “Finally the Hated Strangers are Leaving.”

…Although it is less complete than the Jewish Diaspora, the Irish migration away from the boot of the English served to carry us across the face of the earth. But we brought with us in our DNA an ineradicable memory of that cruel and callous foot on our necks.

Those people destroyed parts of Ireland; they also wasted the lives of their own English boys — all in a vain attempt to bring the Irish to their knees.

This is lousy history – the British treatment of the Irish was quite benign by the standards of the time. And without the Reformation, our nations would have been formed by the Inquisition, not the Rights of Man – ask the Mayan or Dutch peoples about Catholic “feet on necks”. Without the British Reformation and Civil War, the US would now be be just another Mexico or Brazil.

Of course interpreting history is an inexact science.

But this writer uses past grievances to justify atrocities against real people living now. Here’s what her fellow Catholics did to some “English boys” in 1978:

At 9pm on February 17, 1978, a large incendiary bomb exploded against the window of the Peacock Room in the restaurant of the La Mon Hotel complex near Belfast.

The device was of an experimental type, and despite a nine minute warning, twelve people were killed in the explosion, most of them burned beyond recognition. A further thirty people were injured by the blast, many of them critically. Some are still receiving treatment 29 years later.

It was a napalm bomb. The victims were middle aged members of a dog breeding club. They were “Northern Irish [Scots] Protestant”, but they were were real people, not historical fantasies about feet on necks.

So the the Gates of Vienna writer celebrates Irish “freedom” purchased by the mass slaughter of innocents – there’s a list here.

The list includes many Brit soldiers who were killed trying to stop the Catholic-Marxist IRA from its campaign of mass murder.

The IRA also killed and maimed cops, old people at prayer, kids in strollers, veterans honoring our dead, members of Maggie Thatcher’s cabinet, the guy who gave India and Pakistan their independence (and his grandkid), plus many, many plain ordinary people.

To celebrate a victory obtained by such monsters on this heap of bodies is depraved.

The writer’s values differ not a jot from those of the Islamofascists who fly planes of screaming innocents into skyscrapers and bomb subway carriages full of commuters.

Islamofascists too have historical and inaccurate grudges – the Crusades and Reconquista. They too believe that they have the right to impose their codes on others. They too believe their righteousness justifies any atrocity.

Anyway, that’s why I’ve deleted GoV from the blogroll – the other writer there is great, but I can’t face having to filter out murderous drivel.


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