Bending Ballot Boxes Brings Bullets

A US Civil War may be closer than we think – a key precursor event just happened.

That Americans are deeply deeply divided isn’t unique in US history, or in other contemporary free nations. Americans were deeply divided about getting embroiled in the WW2 until the Japanese ended the debate. And today’s UK is deeply divided between those living off the state and those who feed the it.

So the vitriolic hatred displayed by Democrats for their president and military isn’t unparalleled, and the democratic process will ultimately defuse the issue.

But the US democratic process just took a torpedo below the waterline:

House Republicans yesterday accused Democrats of stealing a winning vote tally from them — a maneuver they said was even more galling because it was done to give illegal aliens taxpayer money…

The dispute centered on a Republican measure to prohibit illegal aliens from receiving certain benefits such as food stamps, housing assistance and employment opportunities included in an agriculture spending bill.

As time expired on voting, the sitting House speaker, Rep. Michael R. McNulty, New York Democrat, declared the Republican measure had failed on a 214-214 tie vote. But because some members changed their votes in the final seconds of voting, the electronic tally board showed the vote as 215-213, indicating the motion had passed, when Mr. McNulty struck his gavel.

This vote rigging gains the Dems some small advantage, but at the huge cost of convincing many Americans that their concerns about their nation can’t be settled by voting.

The problem this causes the Dems is that they represent the Dove and Bully strategies within US society, whereas the Republicans are Retaliators.

And Retaliators always win wars against Doves and Bullies.


2 Responses to Bending Ballot Boxes Brings Bullets

  1. Jay says:

    Hmm, gun hating liberals versus the military and all the good ol’ boys. Won’t be much of a war – what’ll they do, throw hippies at us?

  2. gandalf says:


    No, they’ll throw hissy fits, not hippies

    But, as you say, it’ll be one of the shortest wars in history.

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