A Weasel-Free US Foreign Policy

America could massively simplify its foreign policy by treating as foes those nations in which a majority of citizens hold an unfavorable view of the US.

VHD notes this recent poll by Pew Research:

The break point is at Kuwait – every nation below that has a majority disapproving of (hating) the US and all its works.

So the US should simply terminate alliances with and aid to all of these nations – Sweden, Czech Republic (no missiles there!), Bolivia, Russia, Slovakia, France, China, Spain, Germany, Malaysia, Egypt, Jordan, Argentina, Morocco, Pakistan, Palest. Ter. (I assume Palestinian Terrorists), and Turkey.

That would leave the US free to focus on Africa, the Anglosphere, Japan, Israel, and the great power of the next century, India.

What’s not to like?


3 Responses to A Weasel-Free US Foreign Policy

  1. Can you believe this Kuwait attitued. WE committed Americans to liberate them. There have been more Kuwait’s fighting with al Qaeda than with us…….steve

  2. gandalf says:


    Indeed, but that’s because some nations never forgive a favor, notably:

    Kuwait (US liberated)
    France (US liberated)
    Germany (US liberated)
    Egypt (US funded)

    It’s a character thing

  3. Jay says:

    It’s a lack of character thing.

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