Sazorsky’s Amazing American Vacation

The National Lampoon movie will be great.

Sazorsky’s Amazing US Vacation:

…Sarkozy had spoken to reporters and said in French, “I am naturally ready to answer all your questions, and maybe afterward you will resume covering the news and other topics, and leave me tranquilly with my family.” An AP reporter taped Sarkozy’s remarks and had them translated, but the photographers did not hear the translation until after the altercation.

Naturally, Sazorsky, an arrogant small French person vacationing in the US, failed to bring a translator. And equally naturally, AP, busy with faking Iraq disaster stories doesn’t have reporters who speak French.

And so:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy lost his temper with two American news photographers covering his vacation Sunday, jumping onto their boat and scolding them loudly in French…

I bet “salaud”, “cochon”, and “se baiser” figured in said scolding. But the doughty AP-ers fought back, as only Dems can:

Both men said they repeatedly stated they did not speak French. Cole said that he asked whether any of the other passengers on Sarkozy’s boat spoke English, but that no one answered or intervened.

That would be because the boaters were all French!


AP needs is to teach all its reporters World Languages.


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  1. gandalf…………..they didn’t like his Tone…….so soooory…………….steve

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