The Corrupt Are Always Incompetent

The corruption-loving Brit who sandbagged Wolfowitz is now mismanaging the foot and mouth outbreak, usefully demonstrating the link between corruption and incompetence. It’s a pity Brit farmers have to pay for this tutorial.

Here’s the owner of the farm where the second outbreak happened (my ellipsis):

He…criticised the decision to transport slaughtered infected cattle 80 miles for incineration.

The move was condemned yesterday as “absolutely stupid” and “madness”, and farmers suggested it was simply to spare Gordon Brown’s administration the damaging images of carcasses burning on funeral pyres.

They claimed the policy of transporting slaughtered infected animals across the countryside to an incineration plant in Somerset risked spreading the disease beyond the infected farm in Surrey.

But Environment Secretary Hilary Benn defended the policy, insisting that the carcasses were being transported to the best equipped facilities to deal with them. The trucks are carefully monitored to prevent any risk of a leak of the virus, he said…

David Denny, a veterinary surgeon from Worcester, said moving the carcasses was a “risk too far”.

“I’m horrified,” he said. “It is all because the public must not be seen to witness funeral pyres again. Foot and mouth must be treated as a disease and not subjected to political spin.”

Of course “carefully monitoring” something doesn’t stop it occurring, it just tells you when it’s done so – by which time it’s too late. And it’s quite likely this particular outbreak is the result of lousy monitoring:

Test results are expected today to pinpoint the source of the outbreak, which has so far centred on Pirbright, home to both the Institute for Animal Health (IAH) and Merial Animal Health, around four miles from Woolfords Farm, where the outbreak was first reported.

The virus found in the farm’s cattle is the same as used recently in procedures at the Pirbright complex.

There were conflicting theories last night as to how the virus could have escaped.

The Health and Safety Executive, which is investigating the outbreak, is expected to suggest today that air filters used at the IAH lab may not have been powerful enough to prevent the virus escaping.

Benn is a perfect example of why the corrupt nations of the world stay poor – corruption and incompetence are bedfellows.

But now this creep is impoverishing Brit farmers Brown should exile him to the UN or EU, where he’ll fit right in.


One Response to The Corrupt Are Always Incompetent

  1. dearieme says:

    Or, at least, the incompetent often become corrupt. I’m still snorting at the idea that a virus that defeated the level of precautions of a virus lab is going to be easily contained inside a lorry.

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