West Midlands Sharia

After a Brit TV channel broadcast recordings of UK-based Muslims justifying the 7/7 attacks, the local cops sprang into action – against the TV station. So if you’re planning on visiting or investing in the West Midlands area, don’t – it’s headed for Sharia law.

The story:

Two Channel 4 Dispatches documentaries on Muslim extremism made are being investigated by police or television regulators, it emerged today.

The most recent – which showed a jihadist justifying the July 7 attacks on London – is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police following its broadcast on Monday.

But in the West Midlands, home of some of the mosques where these speeches were made:

Police expanded the initial inquiry into those featured in the programme to investigate those who made it.

They tried charging the TV station with inciting a breach of public order, but the Brit prosecuting service wouldn’t go along with that.

…the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) concluded there was insufficient evidence to bring a charge against the broadcaster under the 1986 Public Order Act, following an inquiry by West Midlands Police.

So now said West Midlands cops are trying another route:

In a joint statement, the force and the CPS said a formal complaint about the documentary had been lodged with Ofcom.

Ofcom regulates the bavior of Brit broadcasters – a bit like the FCC, but more powerful since Brits don’t have First Amendement rights.

But nothing, regardless of “context” justifies mass murder and mass mutilation, so the West Midlands Police is just fronting the terrorists.

Here are the unfortunate towns it polices:



Black Country (Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton)

Avoid them.


Here’s what the TV program showed:

Undercover Mosque, a Channel 4 television documentary shown last week, featured preachers at Sparkbrook mosque, Birmingham, telling followers to set up an Islamic “state within a state” in Britain.

The extremist imams also praised Taliban fighters for decapitating British soldiers and ordered that women who did not wear the veil should be beaten.

West Midlands Police said it was “considering the footage”. But Mr Siddiqui said it was unacceptable that the force had yet to launch an investigation.

Also featured in the programme was Murtaza Khan, an Islamic Studies teacher at Al-Noor Muslim primary school in Ilford, Essex. During his rant, he said: “For how long do we have to see our mothers, sisters and daughters having to uncover themselves before these filthy non-Muslim doctors? We should have a sense of shame.”

And here’s a sample from the cops’ statement (my emphasis):

ACC Anil Patani for West Midlands Police said: “As a result of our initial findings, the investigation was then extended to include issues relating to the editing and portrayal of the documentary.

“The priority for West Midlands Police has been to investigate the documentary and it’s making with as much rigour as the extremism the programme sought to portray.”

The police investigation concentrated on three speakers and their comments in the programme. CPS reviewing lawyer Bethan David considered 56 hours of media footage of which only a small part was used in the programme. She said: “The splicing together of extracts from longer speeches appears to have completely distorted what the speakers were saying.

“Appears to have”!


2 Responses to West Midlands Sharia

  1. Bill K. says:


    How long will it be before the British wake up one morning to find out that the U.K. has become one of those pestiferous “Islamic Republics”?

  2. dearieme says:

    “White flight” to Scotland and Wales is next: or to Britanny, perhaps. Much the same reaction as to the Anglo-Saxons, in fact.

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